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Using our expertise toward your success.

Founded in 1981, Data Management Services, Inc. (DMS) is a progressive information and management sciences company dedicated to serving our clients in the biomedical research, public health, and small business sectors. For almost four decades, we’ve worked to create an environment where highly-qualified individuals can collaborate to create the highest quality solutions for our customers.

Our Philosophy:

People matter.

At DMS we believe people matter. Not only those that comprise own organization and their families, but also our partners, customers, competitors and community. We benefit from the contributions of those around us, and are committed to treating them with honesty, fairness and respect.

Any plan is only as good as those who see it through. Even the most proven technology and best practices can do more harm than good if misapplied. At DMS we secure people with the crucial experience and expertise needed to select the right combination of technologies and processes for each client.

Our success is measured in the success of our clients.

At DMS we understand the meaning of the term “service” – an act of helpful activity performed for another person or organization. We apply our expertise in information and management sciences to contribute to the greater success of our clients.

We strive to maximize value in everything we do – in providing services to our external clients, support to our co-workers, or contributing to the greater community.

Communicate… Collaborate… Succeed.

Every organization is different. At DMS we don’t view our clients as “vertical market sectors” but rather as individuals with unique requirements, priorities and goals. We leverage frequent, honest communications processes to collaborate with our clients to find solutions tailored to their needs.

Problem solving and organizational improvement are creative processes. At DMS we understand importance of establishing an environment where diverse individuals have the independence to learn, collaborate and flourish.